BUSINESS: I believe businesses large and small are an important part of our economy and communities and will vote against any legislation which effectively stifles business growth.

MILITARY SERVICE: When elected I will put forth legislation to exempt active military personnel from federal income tax liability.

MILITARY VETERANS: Our veteran military service members have risked life and limb for our freedoms and deserve to be treated accordingly. Therefore I will work to ensure we provide the best medical treatment and care available to our veterans.

ARTS/FILMMAKING: I agree with continuing support and incentives for Upstate NY film production and the Fine Arts.

INFRASTRUCTURE: I am in favor for continuing the rebuilding of our aging infrastructure at the local and national levels.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: I support continued investment into renewable energy production from various sustainable sources.

CLEAN OCEANS: I support clean oceans and finding ways of removing the plastics polluting them.

BORDER SECURITY: I support strong border security and enforcement.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY: Once elected I will commit myself to reducing the federal debt by working toward annual federal budget surpluses.

MARIJUANA USAGE: I favor legalizing marijuana for medical use and decriminalizing it for recreational use at the federal level and letting states determine the laws applicable to recreational use.

SECOND AMENDMENT: I support the Second Amendment to the U.S Constitution, but not without stipulation. I agree with mandatory background checks and that violent convicted felons have forfeited their right to bear arms. I also believe we should strongly encourage taking firearm safety and training courses to those who choose to obtain and possess a firearm.


SCHOOL BULLYING: When elected I will put forth legislation that will withhold federal funds from public schools not doing enough to combat bullying.

CURRENT NYS BAIL REFORM: I am against the current implementation of bail reform in NYS and will act to help change it to a more acceptable form. 

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE: I believe asset forfeiture should only occur after the conviction of a crime as it was intended, not for mere suspicion as it is currently being misused. 

LATE TERM ABORTION: I believe late term abortions should be minimized as much as possible and be permitted under mitigating circumstances such as at risk women, rape, incest, and for teenagers. We should promote prevention, planning, and adoption instead.

CABLE TV/DATA PROVIDER OLIGOPOLIES: When elected I will enact legislation to either regulate or force open competition into the cable TV and data provider service industry at local and national levels.

ANIMAL CRUELTY: We need to remain diligent regarding the care and welfare of the animals and pets we share our spaces and lives with and act to reduce the abuse.

HIGH DRUG PRICES: Every option to lower prescription drug prices must be looked at, including allowing patients to purchase approved drugs from abroad.

NO KNOCK RAIDS: No knock raids put all involved at great risk of harm including innocent persons and should be stopped except for extremely urgent situations where people’s lives are in immediate jeopardy.

TRANSGENDER WOMEN AND SPORTS: Although I feel people should identify as however they wish, I am against transgender women competing in physical contests with non-transgender women. When it comes to physical competitions I believe contestants should compete according to their birth sex.